Our paper, Capturing Cancer as Music: Cancer Mechanisms Expressed through Musification, is accpeted to ACM CHI 2024 .
Our paper, A Survey of Designs for Combined 2D+3D Visual Representations, is accpeted to IEEE Pacific VIS 2024 (TVCG Track) .
Our paper, Visualizing and Comparing Machine Learning Predictions to Improve Human-AI Teaming on the Example of Cell Lineage, is accpeted to IEEE TVCG .
I joined the VADER lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher, supervised by Ross Maciejewski. My work focuses on Novel Visual Representations and AI+VIS.
I successfully defended my PhD on Machine Learning Supported Interactive Visualization of Hybrid 3D and 2D Data for the Example of Plant Cell Lineage Specification.
Our paper, Interacting with actuated walls: Exploring applications and input types, is accpeted to International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) .
I presented our paper, LineageD: An Interactive Visual System for Plant Cell Lineage Assignments based on Correctable Machine Learning, at EuroVis 2022 .
I virtually presented our paper, Design and Evaluation of Three Selection Techniques for Tightly Packed 3D Objects in Cell Lineage Specification in Botany , at Graphics Interface 2021 .
I joined the Aviz team as a PhD student, supervised by Tobias Isenberg. My thesis focuses on collaborating with biologists in solving scientific problems with the help of machine learning, visualization, and Human-Computer Interaction. Covid PhD :-)