MR. NOTER is a tangible interactive device which enables to produce identical music based on the items in front of it.

As two major perceptual ways, auditory and visual sensation are quite similar in many ways and could give people similar feelings. If the information from these two ways can be mapped, the synchronous perception of hearing and vision can be realized. The previous music interaction design of combining auditory and visual sensation generally focused on the direction of music visualization. However, from the perspective of interaction, making sound from vision can help users to better understand objects from another view. Moreover, as a kind of natural interaction, tangible interaction allows users to input users’ actions by moving objects. The tactile music interaction combined with auditory and vision enables users to experience the synchronization of two senses when operating the product freely and enjoy the fun of creating music at anytime and anywhere.

In this project, I designed a new music interaction device, by mapping the visual characteristics of the existing products, including color, shape, size and position to notes which give people the same kind of feelings with the feature of timbre, tone, sound length and broadcast order. It allows the existing items to produce their own sounds without changing their appearances and functions. Also, it enables users to move daily products freely and experience the fun in creating music at anytime and anywhere. The design cannot only provide inspiration for the professional but also allow children or adults who know nothing about music to play music. Last but not least, it allows more than one users to play with the product.